Saturday, June 18, 2011

nak gain duit dalam pocket sambil duduk rumah? :)

jom jadi reseller ACCESSORIES ktorg!

Details for Agent ( West Malaysia & East Malaysia ):

[ 1 ] Postage fee beared by your customers. Rate of postage is
according to our postage fee.

[ 2 ] Receival date will be according to our pre-order.

[ 3 ] Fully payment should be made before the pre-order end.

[ 4 ] Details of customers and their order are needed.

Code, Color, Quantity, Address and Handphone number.

[ 5 ]We will inform the agent if there is any update of their customer's order.

[6 ] We will be responsible to pos items to agent's customers
& Tracking code will be given to agent after we send out the parcel.

Price list for agent ( Per Pre-Order ) :

1-- 9 pieces
-- Our price.

10 pieces and above
-- Discount RM 1 each item.

20 pieces and above
-- Discount RM 2 each item.

30 pieces and above
-- Discount RM 3.50 each item.

Harga u resell depends on u.

jom jadi reseller SATIN SHAWL ktorg!

BUY 10 FOR RM15 EACH = RM150
BUY 20 FOR RM14 EACH = RM280
Colours according to our album.

any inquiries/orders do contact me :

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